Getting Started

Burn the disc

Once you've downloaded SLAMPP, you have to burn it to a CD. The .iso that you download is a copy of what should be on the disc. You can't just burn it to a disc as a file, as you normally would. To burn ISO files, use your favorite burning software and burn the .iso to the CD by using a special feature in your software. You should be able to find a "Burn image to CD" option or "Burn CD iso image" option. Check the programs help files if you can't find the option, and if you're still stuck, please don't hesitate to contact the author.

Set up your BIOS to boot from CD

To enter the BIOS, you need to hit a certain key right away when your computer starts. This key should be found in your manual. Otherwise, you can try common ones such as the Delete key, or F1, F2, or a bunch of other of the Function keys.

Another way of booting from the CD is by using something called Smart Boot Manager. This goes onto a floppy which boots and allows you to choose where to boot from. This is probably the easiest way for a beginner or someone who can't find out how to enter the BIOS. You can choose the CD through this way. You can download it at (the file floppy.img.gz is also on the CD, in FLOPPY/ directory, the user don't need to download it from internet) Once you've downloaded it, extract it and then use rawrite in Windows/DOS to write to a floppy. (rawrite is also in the same directory on the CD) In Linux, use the dd command. Insert this into your computer and restart. Make sure the SLAMPP CD is in your CD drive and select it from the boot menu.

Put the CD in the drive and restart your computer

As your computer starts, (if all goes well), you should have SLAMPP start. When it begins, you will see a screen that shows the SLAMPP logo and also words at the bottom that say boot. Here, you can wait and SLAMPP will load for you, or you can add extra things to change stuff. For now, since it's your first time just hit enter or wait 10 seconds. After you wait for awhile, you will see different things on the screen, and finally it will get to a screen that says login. Type root as the username and slampp as the password. This will get you logged in. At time you are running full featured operating system directly from the CD! it's nice, isn't it? And it can be even nicer! You can start Linux commands from the command line you see on the screen, or you can start graphical user environment (called Xfce). Type 'startx' to get to Xfce.

Congratulations, you're running Linux!