GetCMS - Server to Server Transfer - CMS Installation

Attention: If you unzip the same zip files again they will overwrite your installation without any more warnings!!

GetCMS comes absolutely with no warranty and cannot guarantee the suitability and stability of any software you install! Use it at you own risk! It is only a small tool that will help you uploading the files and might save you money, time and energy.

Please select the source URL of CMS you would like to transfer and then decide where you want it installed on "Save to" field. If everything is correct, press the "Get it" button. The server may report a time out. Wait several minutes for the transfer to finish (the server may report unavailability during this time). Then login to Stage 2 below to see if the zip file has transfered. This stage will allow you to unzip the file and you can start the CMS installation by going to the root directory of the installation with your browser.

You will then require:
1. A database setup on your server.
2. The database name
3. The user name (often the same)
4. The database password (often different to the FTP login name)
5. The normal requirements for CMS itself.

Get the CMS zip file

CMS Source URL
GetCMS will retrieve the selected CMS zip file from
This repository will be updated periodically.
Save to
Replace this with existing web directory where you want the CMS zip file saved.
Don't forget to put the trailing slash after the directory name and chmod 777.
Your FTP details
(Try without first!)
Username Password

Start over

Your website domain:

Stage 2 - GetCMS Unzipper
This login is very temporary security for the Unzipper. A file called pass.php will be created and the password stored in plain text.
Delete this file and the other GetCMS files listed after the CMS installation is complete.
The password will not be used again by the CMS you are installing.

Please login: